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Barley No. 1 Copper Wire shall consist of No. 1 bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire, commonly known as Bare Bright copper wire. Wire gauge subject to agreement between buyer and seller. Green copper wire and hydraulically compacted material to be subject to agreement between buyer and seller.

HS Code

The HS Code of Barley is 74040012

What is the source of BARLEY or Bare Bright Copper Wire?

No.1 Bare Bright Copper Wire is one of the most valuable and highly paid copper scrap grades. Bare Bright Copper Wire is larger than 16 gauges. It refers to wires only, and copper pipes are not allowed. Bare bright copper is pure and free from all kinds of impurities.

Bare Bright Copper Wire has been stripped of its outer plastic coating, unalloyed, unburnt, and free of attachments and contaminations.

Bare bright copper is also referred to as “bright & shiny copper.” As its name implies, it must be stripped of insulation and other materials. Copper wire is free of any burnt or corroded areas. Furthermore, the metal is also free from any paint, impurities or signs of tarnishing.  This includes any visible oxidation, and very negligible amounts of patina on the copper are allowable.

Where do we find Bare Bright Copper Wire?

Copper wire is used in electrical appliances like Electric Cooker, Washing Machines, Televisions, Refrigerators, Old Telephones and Lighting Wiring.  Ceiling fans, standing fans and electrical appliances with a motor usually have quite a lot of copper wire. If we dismantle all these electrical appliances, we can find copper wires. Electrical appliances that have Insulated Copper Wires are mentioned below.

TVs and Monitors

Almost all monitors and the TV screen have wires attached. If we snip off the Insulation, we can find Copper Wires.

Large Appliances

Large appliances such as Refrigerators, Freezers, Dryers, Washer Machines, Dish Washers, and Ovens often have a thicker insulated wire. If we snip off the Insulation, we can see Copper Wires.

Small Electronics

Small Electronics such as Coffee Makers, AC Units, Fans, Blenders, and Toasters all have insulated copper wire inside and outside. Even our Mobile charger has insulated Copper wire.

These Copper wires come under the category of Barley or Bare Bright Copper Wire and Berry.






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