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Birch No.2 Copper Wire shall consist of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper wire having a nominal 96% copper content (minimum 94%) as determined by electrolytic assay. Should be free of the following: Excessively leaded, tinned, soldered copper wire; brass and bronze wire; excessive oil content, iron, and non-metallic; copper wire from burning; insulation; hair wire; brittle burnt wire; and should be reasonably free of ash. Hydraulically briquetted copper subject to agreement.

Birch copper wire is identified by its dirty appearance. Birch is an enameled wire, dirty copper, copper with a small amount of brass, plating copper, etc. Birch copper wire must be free of non-metallic attachments.

Birch copper wire is considered the third most valuable grade of copper. It consists of miscellaneous, unalloyed pipe, wire, and other solids with any solder, paint, and coating. Additionally, its minimum copper content is 94-96%. To qualify for this grade, the wire must be bare (without insulation) and thinner than a 16th of an inch in diameter. The copper ends and fittings are generally accepted at dealerships. Oxidation of some wire, pipe or tubing is allowed but cannot be excessive.

HS Code

The HS Code of Birch is 74040012

No.1 Copper Wire Vs. No.2 Copper Wire

Unlike Barley, Birch copper wire can be identified by its slight dirty appearance. This copper grade is not as pure as Barley or Berry copper wire (99% copper content); Birch copper wire has 94-96% copper content. Birch Copper Wire can be miscellaneous. In Birch, copper wire ends and fittings are accepted, different from No.1 Copper wire. Birch copper wire comprises an unalloyed wire, pipe or solid metal that continues to have solder, paint or coating. But No.1 Copper wire is free from any paint, impurities or signs of tarnishing. 


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