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Copper Price Hike - Copper thieves strike again

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Dogs aid in capture of copper thieves

Prices of all types of metal have been rising particularly in the past year. Copper has more than tripled in price. Now copper are selling around $3.60 per pound up from about $2 per pound six months ago and apparently so are copper thefts. Copper thieves caused $2.8-million worth of damage to a BC Hydro substation this week .The police man has been called around 2 a.m by Canada Line worker who saw these seven thieves were loading copper into a van early Monday morning. Three police dogs helped in the arrest of seven men.Police dogs Chase, Blix and Coda aided in their apprehension.

 According to Dag Sharman, “The damage they caused to the station in the 400 block of Kent Street was assessed at $2.8 million”.

They put their own lives at risk, yes, but they also put atrisk the lives of first responders,” said Sharman.

To stop this kind of metal theft, Police have programs including the Xtract program that requires scrap metal dealers to report all transactions to investigators.

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