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A Grinning Planet In The Gripping Hands of E-waste

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by - 4/24/2010 18152 Views

Increased Dumping of E-Waste will harm our environment


Electronic waste  In India E-waste to raise 500 %  by 2020. Now India is in urgent need to surge proper E-Waste disposal and recycling due to the rocketing sales of electronic gadgets in India. However, the present situation appears that India doesn’t know what  to do with the E-waste apart from making business of it.  As a result, there is increase in pollution so for since there are no guidelines for proper recycling and disposal and clearance. Some reliable data indicates that they will be doubled or tripled in India for E-Waste by 2010 probably e-waste from televisions will be 1.5 to 2 times higher in China. However, China already produces about 2.3 million tonnes (2010 estimate) domestically. From all these it evident that the most critical situation we are going to meet due to the mammoth proportion in E-Waste.  So this is the critical stage that the central government has to come up with guidelines to deal with in safe recycling and disposal.

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