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Copper Scrap Price Prediction - US [Sept-08-21]

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Copper Prices on Monday (Sept-06-21) traded at $4.3340 per pound in the CME Futures

Our RIM research team has been researching Copper Scrap prices more than a year. For the past two months, we have been in the process of predicting the US Copper Scrap prices. Our research has gone successful and we have predicted with the difference value of 0.5 to 2%.

Using Linear Regression research models, we have predicted the prices of US and Canada Copper Scraps (September 08, 2021) such as Copper No.1 US, Copper No.2 US, Hard Brass Canada, Copper No.1 Canada, Copper No.2 Canada, Copper No.3 Canada, Copper Radiators Canada, and Sheet Copper Canada. Copper Scrap Price predictions will provide valuable insights to Scrap Copper producers, traders, exporters, importers and Copper recycling companies.

Predicted Value of Copper Scrap Price from Base Metal Copper Price

US Copper Scrap Price Prediction - Sept 08, 2021

Graphical Representation of Copper Base Metal Price


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Copper price surges to record highs in 2021 (May 11) on expectations of global economic recovery and fast-rising demand after a year of stagnation amid the coronavirus pandemic. Though Copper prices drops from the record highs, Copper prices are still in rally due to its wider usage in the sector of electrification and automobile sector.

For now, however, the demand for Copper is on the rise. The International Copper Study Group (ICSG) reported that preliminary data show apparent world refined Copper usage rose by 4.5% in the first four months of this year, with China’s apparent usage up by around 9%. Refined Copper usage began to recover in the second half of 2020, but remains below pre-pandemic levels in most countries, according to the ICSG.

Spending on infrastructures, such as electricity distribution and transportation networks, household appliances and, automobiles have “held up very well and comprises several of the largest sources of Copper demand. So, in the coming years, due to its growing demand Copper prices have the potential to go far higher than levels we have seen recently.

The Linear Regression model predicts the Copper Scrap prices with an accuracy of over 98%. Our RIM research team still continues the research on Copper Scrap prices and we will update it here. Subscribe for RIM Scrap Price Access and Current Copper Scrap prices.

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