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US Copper Scrap Price Predictions [Sept-09-21]

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Copper Prices on Tuesday (Sept-07-21) traded at $4.28 per pound in the CME Futures

Analyzing the correlation between Copper primary and Copper Scrap, we have predicted the prices of Copper Scraps (September 09, 2021) such as Copper No.1 US, Copper No.2 US, Hard Brass Canada, Copper No.1 Canada, Copper No.2 Canada, Copper No.3 Canada, Copper Radiators Canada, and Sheet Copper Canada. Copper Scrap Price Predictions will provide valuable insights to Scrap Copper producers, traders, exporters, importers and Copper recycling companies.

Our RIM research team has been researching Copper Scrap Prices for more than a year. For the past two months, we have been in the process of predicting the US Copper Scrap prices. Our research has gone successful and, we have predicted the Copper Scrap prices with the difference value of 0.5 to 2%.

Predicted Value of Copper Scrap Price from Base Metal Copper Price

US Copper Scrap Price Prediction - Sept 9, 2021

Graphical Representation of Copper Base Metal Price


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The COMEX (US Metal Exchange)Copper prices on the 7th of September settled at $4.28 per pound. Copper price falls due to China’s import of Copper dropped for the fifth straight month

China’s Copper imports declined 41% year-on-year in August, falling for the fifth straight month to 394,017 tonnes, customs data showed. High prices and sluggish economic growth kept a lid on Copper demand.

Arrivals of unwrought Copper and products into the world’s top Copper consumer China were 394,017 tonnes last month, the General Administration of Customs said, down 7% from a month earlier and the fifth straight monthly decline.

August data showed Chinese Copper imports declining in every month since October last year — except for March — after strong imports in the middle of 2020 when the world’s second-biggest economy rebounded strongly from the covid-19 pandemic.

Factory activity grew at a slower pace in August versus July, although the construction sector, a key Copper user, accelerated at its fastest pace since March. Imports of Copper concentrate, or partially processed Copper ore, were 1.89 million tonnes in August, Customs said.

Copper prices in September drops 1.36% from Monday’s settlement price, touching $4.2750 per pound on the COMEX market in New York.

Linear Regression model predicts the Copper Scrap prices with an accuracy of over 98%. Our RIM research team continues the research on Copper Scrap prices, and we will update it here. Subscribe for RIM Scrap Price Access and Current Copper Scrap prices.

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