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Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

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In this article, I have listed the top 7 Aluminum Scrap suppliers in the USA.

Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

Being the World’s largest Aluminium Scrap exporter, the USA, in the first quarter of 2021, exported 483,000 tonnes of Aluminium Scrap in total, which was 5.46 percent higher than 458,000 tonnes during the same period last year. In July 2021, Aluminium Scrap was exported mostly to Malaysia ($78.5M), India ($60.8M), South Korea ($46.6M), Hong Kong ($35.9M), and Mexico ($24.6M).

RIM pleased to introduce the top 7 Aluminum Scrap suppliers in the USA to make your Aluminum recycling business success in the complex market. If you are looking to import large quantity of Aluminum Scrap from the USA, please check out them here!

1. USAlliance Trade Group LLC

USAlliance Trade Group LLC (Est. 2001) is an international trader and export facilitator of Aluminum Scrap based in Washington, the United States. USATG have more involvement in the export transaction (and often an ongoing one) than an export facilitator or broker. USATG carry out the negotiation, help the customer arrange for shipping, insurance and other requirements and continue to be in the loop of communications between the buyer and the supplier that is supplying the Aluminum Scrap.

USATG deals with Aluminum Scraps such as Aluminum Extrusion Scrap (ISRI Code TUTU), Aluminum Wire Scrap (ISRI Code TALON), Aluminum UBC Scrap (ISRI Code TALDON) and more. USAlliance Trade Group is committed to providing high-quality Aluminum Scrap to customers at competitive prices. 

USAlliance Trade Group mainly exports Aluminum Scraps to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey. USATG is highly experienced in exporting Aluminum Scrap legally available for international trade.

Latest Aluminum Scrap Sell Offer by USATG

Exporting Huge Quantity of Aluminum 6063 Extrusion Scrap from the United States

USAlliance Trade Group LLC - Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

2. AG Universal USA LLC

Based in the USA, AG Universal USA LLC is a global leader in Exporting Aluminum Scrap with affiliate offices in Asia. AG Universal USA LLC has been accredited (A+ Rated) by BBB and also verified by Dun & Bradstreet.

AG Universal exports Baled Aluminum UBC Scrap (ISRI Code TALDON), Aluminum Pucks Scrap (ISRI Code TELIC), Aluminum 6063 Extrusion Scrap (ISRI Code TATA), Aluminum Wheel Rims Scrap (ISRI Code TROMA), Aluminum UBC Scrap (ISRI Code TALDACK), Shredded Aluminum Scrap (ISRI Code TELIC) and more.

AG Universal USA LLC exports Aluminum Scrap of the highest quality standards keeping in mind the ISRI specifications. The company has developed partnerships with a vast network of Aluminum Scrap customers, suppliers & vendors that fuels tremendous business opportunities in global trading.

Latest Aluminum Scrap Sell Offers by AG Universal USA LLC

Exporting Large Quantity of Aluminum Extrusion Scrap

Supplying Huge Quantity of Shredded Aluminium Scrap

3. A 1 Industrial Metals

A1 Industrial Metals - Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

Located in the USA, A 1 Industrial Metals (Founded in 2014) specialized in exporting all grades of Aluminum Scraps, including Aluminum 6063 Extrusion Scrap (ISRI Code TATA), Aluminum UBC Scrap (ISRI Code TALDORK), Aluminum Wheel Scrap (ISRI Code TROMA), Aluminum 7602 Scrap, and more.

A 1 Industrial Metals exports Aluminum Scrap to Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and North America. Currently, A 1 Industrial Metals exports a huge Quantity of Aluminum Scraps. The latest Aluminum Scrap Sell Offers are listed below.

Selling a Huge Quantity of Aluminum UBC Scrap

Huge Quantity of Aluminum 7602 Scrap for Sale

4. Unicore Inc

Unicore Inc  is one of North America’s most trusted Exporter and Recycler of Aluminum Scraps from Automobiles such as Aluminum Radiators Scrap (ISRI Code TALLY), Aluminum Transmission Scrap, Aluminium Engine Scrap, Mixed Aluminum Radiators Scrap (ISRI Code TALK), Aluminum Wheel Rim Scrap (ISRI Code TROMA), and Aluminum Sheet Scrap (ISRI Code TAINT), etc.

Unicore Inc also has extensive Ferrous Scrap and, Non-Ferrous Scrap & over 100 grades of high-quality recycled materials that are shipped by their extensive network globally.

Latest Aluminum Scrap Sell Offers by Unicore Inc

Exporting 90 MT Old Aluminum Sheet Scrap

Exporting 100 MT of All Aluminium Engine Scrap

5. Recycling Revolution

Recycling Resolution - Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

Based in Florida, the United States, Recycling Revolution is the most trusted and has 30 years of experience in Aluminum Scrap Recycling and Trading. Recycling Revolution also specialized in trading Electronic Scrap and Metal Scrap.

Recycling Revolution exports Aluminum Scraps such as Aluminum TT Scrap (ISRI Code TAINT), Aluminum Painted Siding Scrap (ISRI Code TALE), Aluminum UBC Scrap (ISRI Code TALDORK), and more. Recycling Revolution exports Aluminum Scrap to the global customer by timely service and high-quality Aluminum Scrap delivery.

Aluminum Scrap Sell Offer by Recycling Revolution

Exporting 100 MT of Aluminum TT Scrap from the United States

6. ACR Copper Mill

ACR Copper Mill - Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

ACR Copper Mill is a renowned Aluminum Scrap Trading and Recycling company located in Opa Locka, FL, United States. ACR Copper Mill is a "RIM Verified" Company and also has over 30 years of experience in the recycling and exporting of Aluminum Scrap and has two active recycling yards named Rapid Metals and BM Scrap metal.

ACR Copper Mill mainly exports Aluminum Scraps such as Shredded Aluminum Scrap (ISRI Code TELIC), Shredded Aluminum 6063 Scrap, and Shredded Aluminum 356 Rims Scrap. ACR Copper Mill exports Aluminum Scraps to China, India, Brazil, Korea, and other countries.

Latest Aluminum Scrap Sell Offers by ACR Copper Mill

Exporting 250 MT Shredded Aluminum 6063 Extrusion Scrap (99% Clean)

Supplying 500 Tons Clean Shredded Aluminum 356 Wheel Rims Scrap

7. Manna Global Co

With headquarter in California and branches in Hong Kong, Manna Global Company  provide superior and high-quality Aluminum Scraps to China, Vietnam, India, and Hong Kong. The primary objective of Manna Global is to supply postindustrial & post-consumer Aluminum Scrap for recycling from the United States & Europe.

Manna Global Co exports all grades of Aluminum Scraps but not limited to Aluminum Extrusion Scrap (ISRI Code TUTU), Aluminum UBC Scrap , Aluminum Sheet Scrap (ISRI Code TABOR), Aluminum Wire Scrap (ISRI Code TALON), and more.

Manna Global - Top Seven Aluminum Scrap Exporters in the USA

Latest Aluminum Scrap Sell Offer by Manna Global Co

Supplying 150 MT of Aluminum Wire Scrap from the United States

Why is Aluminum Scrap in High Demand?

Aluminum is an ideal material as it can be recycled again and again without losing its quality. Being that fact, manufacturers are turning towards Aluminum Scrap for recycling. According to International Aluminium Institute (IAI), 75% of the estimated 900 million tons of Aluminium produced worldwide since 1880 is still in productive use. It is clear that the recycled Aluminum is stored in various usages such as buildings, automobiles, electrical cables, etc. would equal up to 17 years' worth of current annual primary Aluminium production.

Aluminum is used extensively for aircraft construction, building materials, consumer durables (refrigerators, air conditioners and, cooking utensils), electrical conductors, and chemical and food-processing equipment. So, Aluminum Scrap is in great demand due to its recyclable nature and its usage in various sectors.

While I write this Article, Aluminum Scrap is trading at

Canada Aluminum Scrap Prices (Clean Al Cans): 0.98 CAD/lbs

South Indian Aluminum Scrap Prices (No.1): Rs.101/KG

And Aluminum Prices also hit record highs in 2021

US Aluminum Base Metal Prices: 1.34 USD/lbs

SHME (China) Aluminum Prices: 23061 Yuan/Ton

Mumbai Aluminum Prices: Rs.226.70/KG

To know more about Scrap and Metal Prices, Subscribe for RIM Scrap Price Access and Current Aluminum Scrap Prices.

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