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Copper Scrap Price Prediction - India [Sept-28-21]

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Copper Prices on Monday (Sept-27-21) traded at Rs.717.15/KG in the MCX Futures.

Using Ordinary Least Square (OLS), Linear Regression, and Granger's Causality research models, we have predicted the Copper Scrap prices for the 28th of September. We have predicted the prices of Copper Scrap such as Copper Wire Scrap (ISRI Code BARLEY), Brass Hunny (ISRI Code HONEY), Copper Heavy Scrap, Copper Utensil Scrap, and Hunny Yellow. Copper Scrap Price predictions will provide valuable insights to Copper Scrap producers, traders, exporters, importers and Copper recycling companies.

In August, we have been in the process of predicting the Indian Copper Scrap prices. Our research has gone successful and, we have predicted the Copper Scrap prices with the difference value of 0.5 to 2%.

Predicted Value of Copper Scrap Price from Copper Base Metal Price

Copper Scrap Price Prediction - India (Sept-28-21)

            Graphical Representation of Copper Base Metal Price


Nagercoil, India. MCX Copper prices bounced back on Monday and traded at Rs.717.15/KG on the 27th of September 2021.

Copper prices in September rose 0.08% from the Friday’s settlement price (Sept 24, 2021) of 716.60 INR/KG, touching 717.15 INR/KG (Sept 27, 2021) on the MCX Futures.

The Linear Regression model predicts the Copper Scrap prices with an accuracy of over 98%. Our RIM research team  continues the research on Copper Scrap prices and we will update it here. Subscribe for RIM Scrap Price Access and Current Copper Scrap prices.

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