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Aluminum Wire Scrap Price in India Today

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As of Today, the Aluminum Wire Scrap Price per kg in India(Delhi) is 240 INR.

With the growing need to reuse Aluminum Wire Scrap, Aluminum Scrap prices are on the rise. Aluminum Wire Scrap buyers in India pay more for each kilogram of Aluminum Wire Scraps than what they were willing to pay six months ago, which is great news for anyone who has already started collecting Aluminum Scraps or who plans to do so shortly. Aluminum Scrap Prices may vary depending on the size and quality of the Aluminum Scrap. Here, we provide an exact Aluminum Wire Scrap Price per kg in India.

Aluminum Wire Scrap Price in India Today

As of today, Aluminium Wire Scrap is trading at

Aluminum Wire Scrap Price (Delhi): Rs.240/KG

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Monthly Graph of Aluminum Wire Scrap Price in India


Current Aluminum Wire Scrap Price in India

Aluminum Price depends upon various factors, mainly supply and demand concerns. If there is more supply than demand, then it results in a decrease in Aluminium Scrap Price. And if there is less supply than demand, it leads to an increase in Aluminium Scrap Price. But to get exact price details you need to know the current market condition.

Thanks to rising demand for Aluminum Scraps such as Aluminium Wire Scrap (ISRI Code TALON), Aluminum Utensil Scrap, Aluminum Mixed Scrap, and more. Aluminum Wire Scrap price in India has increased quite rapidly. While it’s cheaper than ever to buy Aluminium Scraps, companies buying these scraps are now charging more to sell them on. Aluminum Wire Scrap is derived from electric cables that no longer serve their purpose. Even though they’re not suitable for re-sale, they’re recyclable and can be sold as secondhand materials at a higher price than raw materials.

Aluminum Wire Scrap Price Worldwide

Aluminum is one of our earth’s most abundant resources. The quality of Aluminium is not impaired by recycling - it can be repeatedly recycled and hence Aluminum retains a high scrap value. Almost 100% of the Aluminum Scrap arising from the manufacturing of Aluminum products is being recycled. Thus, Aluminum Scrap is considered one of the most valuable scraps in the world.

In fact, according to a recent report from Greyhill Advisors, global shipments increased by 5% compared to previous levels. Although China continues to dominate the field with an estimated 33% of total shipments, North America and Southeast Asia are growing quickly. Meanwhile, demand for recycled aluminum products remains high across industries due to environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Is Aluminum Wire Scrap Prices are Rising in India?

The global Covid crisis has had its impact on many fronts, including commodity markets. The COVID-19 epidemic caused a worldwide lockdown. Due to this, all economic activities were badly affected and, the prices of base metals like Copper, Lead, Zinc, and Aluminum have all fallen. After unlocking begins, the business activates gradually, and the demand for Aluminum Scrap from factories increased. Simultaneously Aluminum Scrap Prices also rise.

Presently, Indian traders say the demand for Aluminum Wire Scrap is rising because Chinese manufacturers are buying up excess supplies to meet their rising demand for recycled metals. According to statistics, the demand for Aluminum Scraps and other Non-ferrous Scrap Metals (Copper Scrap and Brass Scrap) jumped 30% from Indian mills recently.

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