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Copper Scrap Price Prediction - India (OCT-25-21)

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Today’s Copper Price per Kg in India is 770 INR

Our RIM research team has predicted the Copper Scrap price of Copper Scraps such as Copper Wire Scrap (ISRI Code BARLEY), Brass Hunny Scrap (ISRI Code HONEY), Copper Heavy Scrap, Copper Utensil Scrap, and Hunny Yellow Scrap.

Copper Scrap Price prediction benefits Copper Scrap manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers and Copper recycling companies. We have predicted the Copper Scrap prices for the 25th of October using Granger's Causality, Ordinary Least Square (OLS), and Linear Regression research models.

Predicted Value of Copper Scrap Price from Copper Base Metal Price

Copper Scrap Price Prediction India (OCT-22-21)

Graphical Representation of Copper Base Metal Price


Copper Scrap Price in India Today (OCT-22-21)

Today’s Copper Scrap Price per Kg in India is

Copper Cable Scrap Price (Mumbai): Rs.750/KG

• Copper Utensil Scrap Price (Mumbai): Rs.667/KG

• Copper Heavy Scrap Price (Mumbai): Rs.742KG

Copper Wire Scrap Price (Delhi): Rs.688.5/KG

• Copper Mixed Scrap Price (Delhi): Rs.651/KG

No.1 Copper Scrap Price (South India): Rs.573/KG

• No.2 Copper Scrap Price (South India): Rs.483/KG

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Copper Price in India Today (OCT-22-21)

Nagercoil, India. MCX Copper Price declines from Record highs in Oct 2021(Rs.805/KG on the 18th of October) and traded at Rs.770/KG on the 22nd of October 2021.

Although Copper price slips from new highs, Copper prices are still in the rally. Presently, Copper’s demand and usage in Energy Transition have pushed the Copper prices to all-time highs. The energy transition will benefit Copper in the long term as the demand for Copper is rising by electric vehicle sales and renewable energy sources.

In addition, China imported a record 4.06 lakh tonnes (lt) of unwrought Copper and Copper products last month after five months of continuous decline.

Vanessa Davidson, CRU director of base metals research & strategy, told, while global Copper consumption was set to increase by 5% in 2021 and then halve in 2022 to 2.5%, the medium-term outlook for demand was still "extremely positive" due to the green energy transition. CRU's forecast for EVs, renewables, and other green applications in terms of refined Copper, estimated that green application would consume 1.2 million MT of refined Copper in 2021, representing 5% of the world total.

It is clear that the demand for Copper in green energy transition will rise to 10% by 2025 and 20% in 2030, which is equivalent to nearly 6 million MT of refined Copper. So, Copper’s demand in the Energy Transition sector will further push Copper prices to unexpected highs in 2021.

In the MCX Futures, Copper traded at Rs.770/KG on 10-22-21(Friday), 2.88% or Rs.22.85 lower than the previous closing price of Rs.792.85/KG (10-21-21) and 4.35% or Rs.35 lower than Record highs of Rs.805/KG (10-18-21).

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