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ISRI Code RAINS shall consist of Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap to be free of any liquid. The battery cases are to be either plastic or rubber and be complete including caps. Non-lead (NiCad, Ni-fe, carbonaire, etc.) is not acceptable. Industrial, steel-cased aircraft (aluminum cased) and partial, cracked, or broken battery scrap and batteries without caps subject to special agreement. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with the buyer prior to sale.


The ISRI Code for Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap is RAINS.

HS Code

The HS Code for RAINS (Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap) is 78020010.

ISRI Code RAINS - Drained Lead Battery Scrap

The ISRI Code RAINS Battery Scrap consists of Dry/Drained Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap. The battery cases must be plastic or rubber cases, but may not contain wooden, metal or glass cases. RAINS Lead Battery Scrap should be free from the sand/ soil/ dust and any other spurious material or as specified by the buyer.

ISRI Code RAINS Lead Battery Scrap is the most preferred type of raw material for Lead recyclers/smelters or recycling/smelting Industries. The Whole Dry/Drained Lead Battery Scrap can be collected from cars and trucks. RAINS Lead Battery Scrap is a perfect material for recycling.

What is the Lead Battery Scrap Price in India Today?

White Lead Battery Scrap Price (South India): Rs.91.30/KG

Black Lead Battery Scrap Price (South India): Rs.84.3/KG

Today’s Lead Battery Scrap Price in Canada

Whole Auto Lead Battery Scrap Price: 0.29 CAD/lbs

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General Trade Practice to Export- Import RAINS Lead Battery Scrap

General trade practice to export-import RAINS Lead Battery Scrap is to drain out the free liquid from the batteries prior to stuffing of the containers/ transportation. In the case of dry whole intact batteries, as there is absorbed gel in place of free liquid, draining out is not necessary.

The main purpose is to avoid the spillage of acid during transportation and handling. However, during the long period of transportation/ sea journey, some of the entrapped liquid may precipitate which in no case should be more than 5% weight of the battery. For the purpose of acceptance/rejection, the full consignment/ container load shall be considered, not individual pieces.

Why is Lead Battery Scrap in Huge Demand?

Lead Battery Scrap is available globally in three forms. They are 1. Wet Whole Intact Battery Scrap (RINK), 2. Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap (RAINS) and Whole Intact Industrial Lead Battery Scrap (ROPER).

More than 70% of Lead produced globally is used for the manufacturing of Lead Acid Batteries. Lead has the highest recycling rate rather than other metals and, it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its purity. Also, industries turn toward recycled Lead than mining it.

Due to this fact, Lead Scraps especially Lead Battery Scrap is highly purchased for the recycling process. For example, over 95% of the Lead Battery Scrap is reusable. These metals can be repurposed to make new Lead Batteries and other products. Lead-acid Batteries occupy the highest share of over 80% of the recycled Lead market.

The global Lead-Acid Battery Scrap was valued at USD 59.49 billion in 2021 and is determined to reach USD 95.32 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 6.52% over the foreseen period 2021 – 2026.

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