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Scrap Metal Prices

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Scrap Metal Prices are closely associated with base metal prices and, supply and demand factor affects the base metal prices.

Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap yards will gladly take aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and steel. As for how much you can earn - it varies. Scrap Metal prices are closely associated with base metal prices and, supply and demand factor affects the base metal prices. Different metals have different values, and different businesses will offer different cash outs. While potential profit varies, non-ferrous metals are typically worth more than ferrous metals like iron and steel. 

Recycling Scrap Metals Frees Up Your Space

Scrap Metal consume lots of occupied space in our garages, sheds, yards and the like. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also doesn’t serve much purpose if it is only being stored. Recycling your Scrap Metal is an environmental duty that will pay off (literally!). Knowing what materials can be sold as scrap, locating the right buyers and obtaining the best prices for your old appliances are all factors to consider when you want to get a return for your good service.

Recycling Metal Scrap poses challenges but presents opportunities as well. Globally years after it finds its way to a neighborhood recycling facility, it is very valuable to recycle and very much in-demand at scrap yards. If you have old jewellery, silverware, medals, or antique vases, you could make some easy money by converting your silver scrap into cash.

Aluminium Scrap

When people think about sources of aluminium scrap the first thing that comes to mind tends to be soft drink cans. While aluminium cans and other kinds of packaging can be recycled, there are plenty of other items from which aluminium can be harvested. Old electronic devices such as computers and gaming consoles, car parts and even bike frames can all contain significant amounts of aluminium.

Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless Steel is one of the most commonly found metals today. Stainless steel is often seen as less valuable, mainly because there seems to be so much of it around. However stainless steel’s value is often driven up by the fact that it contains other metals such as chromium or chrome (10% or more), nickel molybdenum and iron. Different grades of stainless steel scrap will have different value and the grade will depend on the amount of nickel that the alloy contains.

Stainless Steel can often be found in appliances, white goods and other kitchen equipment as well as some automotive parts and machinery found in factories and warehouses. It’s important to remember that you will most likely get a lower price at your scrap yard if there is oil or grease on the metal compared to that which you will be offered for clean stainless steel.

Gold Scrap

Like silver, gold is a precious metal which is worth more than most other kinds of scrap however it tends to be considerably harder to come by. The gold objects which usually come to mind include jewellery, old coins an antique item. However, outdated electronics often contain parts with a high enough level of gold to make harvesting the metal worthwhile. Some effort and research (on the harvesting process) will be required to remove the gold from computer parts and other electronics, however the return you will get from turning the scrap into cash is likely to be much higher than from most other types of scrap metal. 

Lead Scrap

Lead Scrap can prove to be extremely profitable when recycled however; it can be very hard to get our hands on a pure source of the non-ferrous metal. 

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