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ISRI Code RAKES - Lead Battery Lugs Scrap to be free of scrap lead, wheel weights, battery plates, rubber and/or plastic case material and other foreign material. A minimum of 97% metallic content is required. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.


The ISRI Code for Lead Battery Lugs Scrap is RAKES.

HS Code

The HS Code of ISRI Code RAKES Lead Battery Lugs Scrap is 78020010.

ISRI Code RAKES – Lead Battery Lugs Scrap

The ISRI Code RAKES Lead Scrap shall consist of Lead Battery Lugs Scrap, free of other materials such as drosses, lead-covered cable, hard lead, collapsible tubes, foil, type metals, iron and brass fittings, and dirty chemical lead. Lead Battery Lugs Scrap must be free of oxide material and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic or glass.

Lead Battery Lugs Scrap should be clean and devoid of dirt, hazardous chemicals, or other metals. Lead Battery Lugs Scrap must also be free of radioactive elements and aluminum and zinc. To qualify for this grade of Lead Scrap (ISRI Code – RAKES), only Lead Lugs from batteries are acceptable.

Sources of ISRI Code RAKES – Lead Battery Lugs Scrap

ISRI code RAKES Lead Scrap shall consist of solid Lead Lugs collected from used batteries. Lead Lugs are a common source of Lead Scrap and are typically found in batteries. Lead Battery Lugs Scrap are considered highest paying grades of Lead Scrap. You can scrap Lead Lugs from used Lead batteries and other commercial batteries.

Lead Battery Scrap can also be separated into different grades of Lead Scrap. If you have a lot of Lead Battery Scrap, you can scrap it for Lead Battery Plates Scrap (ISRI Code – RONO), Lead Battery Lugs Scrap (ISRI Code – RAKES), Wet Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap (ISRI Code – RINK), and Dry/Drained Whole Intact Lead Battery Scrap (ISRI Code – RAINS).

Nowadays, secondary Lead metals (Lead Scrap) account for more than half of global Lead production. The main raw material for this process is Lead Battery Scrap (ISRI Code RAINS, RINK and ROPER). As lead has the highest recycling rate of any metal, approximately 90% of the Lead Battery Scrap is recycled. As a result, Lead Battery Scrap is in huge demand as recyclers/manufacturers buy a lot of Lead Battery Scrap to make new Lead products. Also, if you have a large quantity of Lead Battery Scrap, you can sell it to scrap yards or recycling facilities to make cash.

How Much Does a Lead Battery Scrap Cost in India Today?

Lead Battery Scrap is currently priced at

White Battery Scrap Prices (South India): Rs.86/KG

Black Battery Scrap Prices (South India): Rs.73/KG

Current Lead Battery Scrap Price in Canada

Whole Auto Battery Scrap Prices (Canada): 0.25 CAD/lbs

Also, Lead prices are

Lead Prices (US): 0.05 USD/lbs

Lead Prices (Shanghai): 15370 Yuan/Tons

Lead Prices (Mumbai): Rs.184.90/KG

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