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Top Five PET Flakes Exporters in Asia

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RecycleInMe highlights the top five PET Flakes exporters in the Asia region to assist you in importing PET Flakes from trustworthy companies.


India, the largest PET Flakes exporting country in Asia, exported worth 0.1 USD million in 2021. PET Flakes are mostly exported from India to Korea (0.08 USD million), the Congo (0.02 USD million), Austria, China, and Italy. The top five nations' total export value of PET Flakes is 0.1 USD million, accounting for 100% of the overall export value of PET Flakes.

Similarly, Japan, Asia's second largest supplier of PET Flakes, exported over 50.3 million kg to Taiwan in 2021. Japan mostly exports PET Flakes to Southeast Asian countries. And now, RecycleInMe highlights the top five PET Flakes exporters in the Asia region to assist you in importing PET Flakes from trustworthy companies. The companies listed below are subject to change depending on market conditions. If you are looking to import a large quantity of PET Flakes from Asia, please look here!

Top Five PET Flakes Suppliers in the Asia Region

Eros Trading Company (India)

• Gajah Surya Plastik (Indonesia)

• S M R Industries (India)

• NuCircle Ltd (Taiwan)


1. Eros Trading Company

Eros Trading Company has extensive experience in exporting PET Flakes for worldwide trade. Since 2011, Eros Trading Company has been the renowned PET Flakes exporter in Punjab, India.

Eros Trading Company also specializes in the recycling and trading of Plastic Scrap. Eros Trading Company has branch offices in Japan, India, and Europe.

Eros Trading Company has long-standing business relationships with several European and Asian countries and is open to PET Flakes buyers and suppliers worldwide. Eros Trading Company primarily exports PET Flakes to Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Eros Trading Company endeavors to provide the best quality PET Flakes at fair and competitive prices by staying tuned to the markets and respecting customers’ needs.

Latest PET Flakes Sell Offer by Eros Trading Company

Large Quantity of PET Bottle Flakes Available

TOP 5 PET Flakes Supplier in Asia

2. Gajah Surya Plastik

Gajah Surya Plastik has engaged in the PET Flakes trading business for more than six years. Established in 2013, Gajah Surya Plastik is the major PET Flakes Trading firm in East Java, Indonesia. Gajah Surya Plastik has over six years of expertise in PET Flakes exporting and Plastic Scrap recycling.

Gajah Surya Plastik strives to achieve excellence by offering high-quality PET Flakes at competitive pricing. Gajah Surya Plastik is open for negotiation, discussion and ready to provide samples for the quality check. Gajah Surya Plastik is the preferred PET Flakes exporter for clients from the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Latest PET Flakes Sell Offer at Gajah Surya Plastik

Exporting "PET Flakes" of 300 MT from "Indonesia" 

3. S M R Industries

S M R Industries, founded in 2016, is the well-known PET Flakes trading company in Telangana, India. S M R Industries have built a great reputation over the years by doing sustained long-term business with genuine PET Flakes buyers and sellers globally.

S M R Industries analyzes customer requirements and fulfills their needs in the best way. S M R Industries export PET Flakes to Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. S M R Industries focus on providing first-grade PET Flakes to global customers at the most cost-effective prices. Currently, S M R Industries is exporting a large quantity of PET Flakes, and it is listed below

Supplying "Hot Washed PET Flakes" of 100 Tons 

TOP 5 PET Flakes Exporter in Asia

4. NuCircle Ltd

NuCircle Ltd, established in 2012, is a Taiwanese company that supplies top-grade Hot Washed PET Flakes at the market leading costs. NuCircle Ltd believes in building long-term business relationships to pay great attention to quality and service to satisfy the needs of the global PET Flakes buyers, including the regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

Multi-lingual capabilities and reliability have enabled NuCircle Ltd to become an expert at importing and exporting PET Flakes. NuCircle Ltd can supply PET Flakes to global clients with assured quality and timely delivery by being linked to the marketplace. 

Latest PET Flakes Sell Offers at NuCircle Ltd

PET Flakes Clear Hot Washed Monthly Supply 200 Tons


Since 2007, Hosono Bussan Co. Ltd has been a PET Flakes trading and Plastic Scrap Recycling firm in Toyama, Japan. Backed by an excellent distribution network, Hosono Bussan Co can deliver quality PET Flakes to any destination in the globe in a safe and timely manner.

Hosono Bussan Co. Ltd strives to offer the best quality PET Flakes at leading prices to meet the diversifying needs of global customers. Hosono Bussan Co. Ltd mainly exports PET Flakes to Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and North America. 

Latest PET Flakes Sell Offers at Hosono Bussan Co. Ltd

Offering 40 MT of PET Flakes Every Month

What is the Current PET Flakes Prices?

While I write this article, PET Flakes are trading at

PET Flakes Prices (Gujarat): Rs.61/KG

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Why is there such High Demand for PET Flakes? Will the PET Flakes Prices Rise?

Currently, the global PET Flakes markets are constrained by tight supply and a high level of demand. PET Flakes, also known as RPET, is a highly recyclable material and one of the most extensively used recycled plastics worldwide. PET Flakes are widely utilized in various applications, including food and beverage bottles, textile fiber, and strapping.

However, one of the fastest-growing applications for PET Flakes is in food packaging, namely in food grade bottles and containers. The fact that PET Flakes perform similar to virgin PET enhances the high demand. The increasing demand for PET Flakes is mainly driven by the food & beverage industry.

Several major beverages and fast-moving consumer goods businesses have pledged to use at least 50% recycled content (PET Flakes) globally in their plastic packaging. Coca-Cola, Danone, and PepsiCo have all proposed a projected 50% use of RPET or PET Flakes in their bottles by 2030. As a result, the demand for PET Flakes is likely to rise in the long run.

According to a forecast, the demand for PET Flakes from the food-grade industry is predicted to increase by 10 to 15% in both India and Southeast Asia by 2030 due to packaging sustainability. The global Recycled PET market is expected to be worth USD 8.9 billion in 2021, rising to USD 11.7 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.7 percent between 2021 and 2026.

Similarly, the persistent issues with covid-19 and supply chain concerns drive PET Flakes prices on the MCX futures to hit record highs of Rs.67/KG in the second quarter of 2021. As the demand for PET Flakes continues to rise in the long term, it is projected that PET Flakes prices will rise as well. 

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