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Copper remains up on global cues

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Today the Copper price increase Rs 2 per Kg in the local non-ferrous metals market

Copper remains up on global cues and price went up by Rs 2 per Kg in the local non-ferrous metals market today on increased offtake from the consuming industries amid a firming global trend.

Based on traders concern Copper prices kick up on increased offtake by consuming industries and reports of a rising trend at the London Metal Exchange led to a rise in copper prices. Meanwhile, copper for three months added 1.1 per cent to $6,479 a metric tonne on the London Metal Exchange.

In the national capital, copper wire scrap, copper wire bar and copper mixed scrap were remained in demand and added another Rs 2 each to Rs 357, Rs 376 and Rs 336 per kg, respectively.

Following were today's quotations in Rs per kg:
Tin ingot 795, zinc ingot 121.00, nickel plate (4x4) 881-995, gun metal scrap 226 bell metal scrap 228, copper wire scrap 357, copper wire bar 376, copper mixed scrap 336.00, utensil scrap 224, Chadripital 175

Lead ingot 118, lead imported 121, aluminium ingots 102, sheet cutting 103, aluminium wire scrap 100 and aluminium utensils scrap 100

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