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Daily Copper Scrap Price Predictions – US & Canada (Aug-26-22)

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Copper Scrap prices in the US & Canada are improving recently with higher Copper Base Metals pricing.

Generally, Copper Scrap price forecasting helps Copper Scrap traders and scrap-related businesses predict when necessary price increases or decreases by examining data related to supply and demand.

Our RIM researchers analyzed the correlation between Copper Scrap prices and Copper Base Metal pricing with the help of Granger’s Causality/Linear Regression research models; predicted the Copper Scrap prices for August 26, 2022.

Copper Scrap Price Forecast in the US & Canada for August 26, 2022

Copper Scrap Predicted Price
Copper #1 (US) $ 3.11
Copper #2 (US) $ 2.74
Brass (US) $ 1.68
Hard Brass (Canada) $ 3.55
Copper #1 (Canada) $ 4.26
Copper #2 (Canada) $ 4.02
Copper #3 (Canada) $ 3.95
Copper Radiators (Canada) $ 2.56
Sheet Copper (US) $ 2.46

Graphical Representation of COMEX Copper Base Metal Price (US)

Daily Copper Scrap Price Predictions – US & Canada (Aug-26-22)

Copper Scrap Supply & Copper Scrap Prices Are Keeps Improving Recently

At the start of August, Copper Scrap prices dropped, trading between $2.80 and $3 per pound. Since then, Copper Scrap prices have kept improving, hitting five-week highs of $3.15 per pound in mid-August, supported by moderate demand growth from the top base metals and scrap metals consumer “China”.

As the overseas market has recovered from the covid-19 pandemic, the demand for Copper Scrap was high. Meanwhile, Copper prices remained higher since hitting 5-week highs, and Copper Scrap took profits at highs.

The rise and fall of Copper Scrap prices are commonly related to Copper pricing. As Copper prices continue to rise automatically, Copper Scrap prices also exceed.

As of now, Copper Scrap prices in the US are trading at,

Copper No.1 Scrap Prices (US): 3.16 USD/Lbs

Copper No.2 Scrap Prices (US): 2.71 USD/Lbs

Sheet Copper Scrap Prices (US): 2.56 USD/Lbs

Brass Scrap Prices (US): 1.91 USD/Lbs

Also, Copper Scrap Prices in Canada are at,

No.1 Copper Scrap Prices (Canada): 3.89 CAD/Lbs

No.2 Copper Scrap Prices (Canada): 3.55 CAD/Lbs

No.3 Copper Scrap Prices (Canada): 3.45 CAD/Lbs

Hard Brass Scrap Prices (Canada): 3.30 CAD/Lbs

Copper Radiators Scrap Prices (Canada): 2.20 CAD/Lbs

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