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The present status of Aluminum from Alcoa

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------Aluminum present status


The latest reports of Alcoa states that the prices of aluminum dropped from $2,400 per metric tone to $1,995 on Tuesday. Comparing the price with last year on London Metal Exchange delivery of Aluminum increased by 39 percent in the last three months

According to Alco Inc the metal price should rise and improve the earnings prospects as the cuts in global aluminum production. Aluminum industries experts believe in order to supply a line of demand and support in the aluminum price there should be lot of cuts in metal on the market and the production. If not, the aluminum price will still remain under pressure.

The boon for Aluminum industries is the auto and the construction industries bang due to the small production. This is the big break for aluminum industries after a signs of improvements from the recession back in 2008

Despite of this the review of Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa Chairman and Chief Executive, there is room for an increase in the global aluminum consumption which could go from 10 percent to 12 percent in 2010. His assumptions are based on the Shanghai aluminum price level.

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