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ISRI code TWEAK contains Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap derived from either mechanical or hand separation, the Tweak Aluminum Scrap must be dry and not contain more than 4% maximum free zinc, 1% maximum free magnesium, and 1.5% maximum of analytical iron.

Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap not to contain more than a total 5% maximum of non-metallics, of which no more than 1% shall be rubber and plastics. Tweak Aluminum Scrap to be free of excessively oxidized material, air bag canisters, or any sealed or pressurized items. Any variation to be sold by special arrangement between buyer and seller.

HS Code

ISRI Code TWEAK Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap falls under the HS Code 76020010.


Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap qualifies under the ISRI Code category TWEAK.

Technical Process

Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap is derived from a mechanical or hand separation process at the time of recycling Zorba Scrap.

How is ISRI Code TWEAK Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap Generated?

In comparison to all other grades of Aluminum Scrap, including Aluminum sheet scrap, Aluminum foil scrap, Aluminum extrusion scrap, and so on. Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap is not naturally sourced, it is basically generated through a mechanical process.

Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap is processed or recycled from Zorba Scrap. As Zorba Aluminum Scrap is composed of shredded nonferrous metals such as Aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, stainless steel, nickel, tin, and zinc; to remove all nonferrous scrap except Aluminum; it is further processed, and the end product is TWEAK/TWITCH Fragmentized Aluminum Scrap.

Specifications of ISRI code: TWEAK Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap

ISRI Code Tweak Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap contains 91–93% Al and less than 3% other valuable metals,. Si, Fe 1.5%, Cu 1%, Mn 0.3%, Mg 0.4%, Ni 0.04%, Zn 4%, Ti 0.03%, Pb 0.0050%; other impurities not exceeding 5% (Non-metallic), rubber, and plastics no more than 1%.

ISRI Code General Specifications: Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap

In order to qualify for the ISRI Code TWEAK category, the Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap must be free of the following: Cardboard, thermo break, and any other contaminants; must be devoid of venetian blinds, castings, hair wire, screen wire, radiator shells, airplane sheet, bottle caps, zinc corners, iron attachments, dirt, corrosion, fiber, foam, or fiberglass backing or other non-metallic items and foreign contamination.

Where Can We Collect Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap?

Generally, Aluminum Scrap recycling and manufacturing plants process large tons of Zorba Scrap that is shreds of whole automobile/end-of-life vehicles scrap to generate Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap. So, Aluminum Scrap recycling or manufacturing plants are the right source to collect ISRI Code TWEAK Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap.

Major Difference Of ISRI Code TWEAK/TWITCH Aluminum Scrap?

Though ISRI code TWEAK and TWITCH consist of Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap, the only difference is that the percentage of scrap metals varies between them, causing them to fall under different categories in the ISRI specifications circular.

ISRI Code TWITCH Aluminum Scrap has an Aluminum content of 91 to 93%, other important scrap metals of less than 1%, and impurities of less than 1%.

On the other hand, ISRI code TWEAK Aluminum Scrap has the same Aluminum content, but the percentage of scrap metals and impurities varies. Scrap metals should not exceed 4%, and impurities should not exceed 5%.This is the only minor difference between ISRI code TWEAK and TWITCH Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap.

Meanwhile, the price of Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap varies according to the percentage of Aluminum content and other impurities. ISRI code TWITCH Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap is priced higher than TWEAK Aluminum Scrap because of its high Aluminum content and low impurities.

What is the Current Aluminum Base Metal Price?

While I write this article Aluminum Base Metal is trading at,

Aluminum Metal Prices (US): $1.16/MT

Aluminum Prices (Shanghai): 18620 Yuan/MT

Aluminum Base Metal Prices (Mumbai): 204.65/KG

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