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Copper scrap poses a serious threat in Britain at recent times!!!!!

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A latest challenge for the BTP (British Transport Police) after the terrorist attack


Thursday, August 04, 2011(12:46:16 PM) : Recently, an alarming sign for the British authorities has been the increased theft of excessive amount of copper cables. The police have recorded a high level of copper thefts during January and still warns the society to be cautious about the same matter. "Cable theft is the next biggest priority after the terrorist threat. The disruption and the problems it can cause are immense." says the Chief Superintendent Eamonn Carroll of British Transport Police (BTP).

Due to the increased records of robbery of scraps, the cops are now giving pressure to bring in a new legislation to stop this fraudulent crime. And there is also a good news that many have already been arrested for committing theft in various places like Saltash in Cornwall, Newcastle and the Midlands.

The truth is, the demand for copper scrap is increasing in every industries and the copper industry is also booming right now which is the main reason for these thefts.

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