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Stockpiling Of Scrap Tires

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Environmental concerns relating to scrap tires......


Thursday, August 18, 2011 (12:41:51 PM) The greatest threat for the environmentfrom the scrap tires is the landfills which give place for the breeding ofmosquitoes and rodents when they are stockpiled and illegally dumped. A surveydone in the year 2004 states that, about 27 million scrap tires (9.3%) areestimated to be disposed of in landfills which is a factor posing a greatdanger to our environment.

The main markets of scrap tires are ground rubber applications,civil engineering applications and tire-derived fuel. The saddest fact is thatin spite of recycling and using these scrap tires, almost one-third of themagain end up as landfills.

These piles of tires, whether legal or illegal, hold twomajor hazards: fire and pests.

To surmount this problem, many state landfill regulationshave already been regulated. But still, it lies in our hands to protect our environmentby reducing the illegal dumping of scrap tires to a great extent.

After all, it’s in our hands to protect our Mother Nature!


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