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In its booming phase…..

Monday, September 05, 2011 (12:44:20 PM) : The present period is the period of the overcoming of theglobal economy crisis which has led to a gradual development of the metallurgyindustry too. Already the prices have started to increase due to stockpilingand shortage of scraps. It has been found in the recent times that the Russianscrap processing industry has been one of the biggest importers worldwide. However,the truth is, due to the decreased number of orders during the crisis period,many companies had left the scrap market.

Some reports reveal the fact that scrap export from Russiadropped by 60% in 2011, domestic scrap collecting reduced by 40%. But, onanalyzing the present global economic condition, it can be assured that thissituation will change in the year 2012 and Russia will go for exports again.The main reason for this prediction is that the payment delays done by thelocal scrap consumers makes the overseas buyers to become more active. As aconsequence, surely the Russian scrap suppliers will start focusing their attentiontowards the international market in order to regulate more cash flows for theprosperity and development of their business.

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