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Water Bottle scrap – A Cleansing agent

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Strange but Truth!

Shredded plastic bottle scrap encrusted with amino acid isnow used for removing arsenic from drinking water. An average of 100million peoplein developing countries are affected due to arsenic in drinking water. This is because of  lack of knowledge about modern purification methods.


This is how plastic bottle scrap acts as a cleansing agent –

Shredded polyethylene terephalate commonly known as PET iscoated with an amino acid named CYSTEINE, usually found in dietetic enhancements.Shredded plastic scrap mixed with cysteine is added into the arseniccontaminated water. The mixture acting as a magnet attracts all the toxicarsenic from the water. When plastic-cysteine mixture attracts the arseniccompletely from contaminated water, it is removed. Now arsenic free water isavailable for drinking!!!!

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