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Confrontation in executing the BAN

Although the Cabinet has approved for complete ban of plastic bags in Delhi, the ban is not implemented yet due to the confrontation between the Delhi Government and Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers. Objections from various ministries, complete ban on plastic bags is unnoticeable. The ban was approved by the cabinet in the month of March this year.

I n the event of supporting the plastic bag suppliers, the Secretary of Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has provided justification to the Chief Secretary that plastics are recyclable materials and that the inert substance present in plastic will either damage the environment nor create health hazards.

The bill for complete ban on the manufacture, sale, storage & usage of all types of bags including non-woven has been passed by the Delhi assembly.

Secretary (Environment) cum-Chairman Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has made it clear to the Secretary of Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers that the Government is not against the plastic products but when it comes to the concern about the environment of Delhi, these plastic bags are a real nuisance. The biggest nuisance is the plastic bags in solid municipal waste that causes water logging, blocking of the sewerage system & drains.

Proper usage of modern technology for plastic recycling & severe action for littering the surroundings by throwing plastic bags can save the environment from ill effects of plastic bags to some extent.

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