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A discussion about the pros and cons of the same….


Monday, September 19, 2011 (12:30:09 PM) : In today’s world, recycling is being proclaimed as one ofthe strongest environmental concerns to protect Mother Nature against any damage,pollution, global warming, etc. Universal awareness is getting created to makerecycling a mandatory requirement for the goodness and protection of theenvironment. There is a conflict of views regarding the compulsoryimplementation of steps for recycling. The merits and demerits of making recyclinga necessary requirement are given below so that you can take a decision of yourown regarding this matter.


(1)    Recyclingis always helpful to the environment in the sense that the environmental wastesare getting reused. As a result o f this, the non biodegradable wastes are utilizedin this process.

(2)   Recycling aids in saving the natural resourceswhich is again beneficial to the environment in a great way.

(3)   The process of recycling results incost-reduction and conservation of energy.


(1)   In spite of the benefits of recycling, it’s impossibleto make it mandatory. Some recycling facts state that the cost of recycling thewastes is much higher than the customary discarding of the same. So, makingrecycling to be a compulsory action will increase the cost which is neverpossible in all parts of the world.

(2)   There’s no proper knowledge about what torecycle and what to not. So, it’s necessary that proper education and traininghas to be given on the separation process which is practically verytime-consuming and tough too.

(3)   Rather than stating, the process of mandatoryrecycling seems to be a really very difficult process to be carried on. Even ifit’s made mandatory, can we assure that its being followed strictly by checkingthe trash or impose a fine when it’s not done? It’s impossible!


These are some of the pros and cons of making recyclingmandatory. But my conclusion is that, whether recycling process is madecompulsory or not, as good citizens, it’s our duty to be concerned and takecare of our environment.


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